Our business is to support our clients in the engineering, construction and the sustainable operation of best in class deep conversion technologies:

  • Direct Coal to Liquids
  • Heavy Oil Upgrading
  • Tar Sand Upgrading
  • Biomass to Liquids

Since 2001 we deliver our services all over the world to the energy related business performed by engineering, licensing and investment companies. During that time we have reduced significantly the economic risks associated with such commercial Megaprojects by implementing proven design and operating procedures to minimize the learning curve costs and increase the availability and reliability of our client’s deep conversion hydrogenation plants.

Today our business is build up on two pillars:


“Heavy Oil Upgrading”               h-tec heavy oil GmbH

“Direct Coal Liquefaction”          h-tec coal GmbH 


The expertise of both companies is based on the long lasting history of the German hydrogenation technology, which already began in the early years of the 20th century - "Bergius-Pier Process" for the direct liquefaction of coals was introduced.

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