heavy oil upgrading

h-tec heavy oil GmbH

Heavy Crude Oil/Vacuum Residue/Tar Sand

90%+ conversion

direct coal liquefaction (dcl)

h-tec coal GmbH

Bituminous Coal/Lignite Coal/Coal Tar/Biomass

60%+ liquid yield from coal



Who we are

Decades of Experience in Slurry Hydrogenation Processes

We are the know-how Company for Deep Conversion Slurry Hydrogenation Technologies.

Our staff consists of keypersonnel who operated, engineered and optimized the German Bergius-Pier, IGOR and VCC processes.

Since 2001 we have supported various hydrogenation projects worldwide. Our customer base includes major international oil and coal companies as well as the leading technology licensor for petroleum refining.

What we do

Premier Advice on the Design and Operation of Slurry Hydrogenation Process

We deliver our know-how and expertise, as well as reliable technical and cost-effective solutions to the challenges facing deep conversion projects:

Elevated process pressure
Elevated process temperature
Handling of Slurries
Cracking environment

Starting with our participation in early feasibility studies and R&D programs, our services continue during all engineering phases and last until supporting the Start-up and operation phases.

Why us

Maximizing our Customer’s Profitability

High temperature and high pressure in combination with Slurries in cracking service result in huge challenges to the design and operation of Conversion Processes.

With over 30 years’ experience in Direct Coal Liquefaction and Heavy Oil Upgrading, H-tec clients “do it right the first time” reducing costs, mitigating risks and maximizing profits.

Our focus on client collaboration and continuous improvement ensures world class performance in design, safety, reliability and operability of commercial scale Conversion Plants.

German Hydrogenation Technology


Demand for Conversion

The Hydrogenation Technology for Heavy Oil Upgrading and Coal Liquefaction was first developed and commercially introduced about 100 years ago in Germany. The two, still most famous technologies developed and commercially operated are the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) and the Slurry Hydrogenation I.G. Farben Process, developed by Mr. Bergius and Mr. Pier. The latter soon became the most important commercially operated Hydrogenation Process in Germany and is still today the basis for various other Slurry Hydrogenation Process developments worldwide.

Last operated at the Kohleoel-Anlage Bottrop, the further developed Bergius-Pier Process demonstrated highest Conversion Rates in Heavy Oil Upgrading “VCC Process” and highest Liquid Yields in Coal Liquefaction mode “IGOR Process” with minimum environmental footprint.


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