Besides our core business - technology services - we continuously enhance and improve the hydrogenation technology.

Our strategic approaches are focused on the further development of the DCL / Heavy Oil Upgrading process to create more add-on value for our clients, increase the sustainable usage of resources and meet highest product specifications.

Based on our long lasting experiences and Know-how, h-tec is continuously working on the further optimization of the Bergius-Pier process, which of course can also be implemented into various other high pressure slurry processes:

  • Optimization of overall and detailed process design as well as operating procedures to increase the operability and reliability of hydrogenation processes
  • State of the art mechanical equipment design. Some of such developments are already implemented into various high pressure, slurry handling conversion processes of our clients
  • Direct production of On-Spec Gasoline, Jet and Diesel from DCL by new catalysts in the Hydrotreater / - cracker section. h-tec cooperates in this field with a world leader in refinery catalyst
  • Further reduction of the CO2 footprint by enhanced process configurations and implementation of new technical options 
  • h-tec engineered and constructed a DCL pilot plant which operates at the the Technische Universität Berlin (“TUB”) to perform in cooperation with TUB coal liquefaction test runs to evaluate yields from various coals and co-processing options (e.g. biomass)

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