With the growing demand for liquid hydrocarbons, accompanied by an increasing gap between their consumption and the discovery of new conventional crude oil reservoirs, coal and heavy oil have come back into the focus to close the gap. Still characterized as “unconventional resources” for the production of liquid hydrocarbons, the ongoing development of technologies available to process such resources might mitigate these soon into the “conventional resources”.

Various technologies in their theores, research, development or commercial maturity are available. Besides the investment costs for such commercial plants, the main economic driver to choose the right technology is the liquid yield it delivers.

The Bergius-Pier process delivers highest liquid product yields in Coal Liquefaction mode (up to 60%) and highest conversions of hydrocarbons in Heavy Oil Upgrading mode (more than 90%). h-tec maintains and further develops its unique Know-how of all details and aspects of the Bergius-Pier process for the benefits of its clients.



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