Our services comprise:


Conceptual / FEED(Front End Engineering Design) / Design Basis Memorandum

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Unit Design Basis
  • Definition of basic operating and design philosophies
  • Definition of special design considerations
  • Definition of guidelines and process requirements
  • Definition of Process control concepts
  • Process Flow and preliminary P&I Diagrams
  • Process and Plot Plan preliminary layout
  • Equipment Process Data Sheets
  • Duty Specifications
  • Vendor Design Proposals
  • Preparation of initial Operating Guidelines
  • Safeguarding, Pre-HAZOP
  • Reliability in Engineering


Cost Estimate

Support of Cost Cutting. Where necessary reworking of process concepts


Basic and Detail

  • Implementation of proven Design
  • Safety Systems
  • P&IDPiping and Instrument Diagram Review
  • Plot and Piping Layouts incl. 3D Model Reviews
  • Overall and individual control loops incl. integration with vendor procedures, interacting process units and adjacent plants
  • Detailed plot plans incl. equipment arrangement concepts
    (Vessels machines, pipe racks, steel structures, control rooms, electrical substations and chimneys etc.)
  • Piping incl. valve arrangements incl. Isometrics
  • Instrumentation
  • Information and explanation of detailed technical improvements of KAB incl. experienced vendor recommendations
  • Operating Guidelines
  • Operator training
  • Maintenance outlines
  • Cost Cutting


Technical Procurement 

  • Review Technical Vendor Offers
  • Discussion of Design details
  • Adjustment to process and vendor operating procedures
  • Exchange with vendors about specific improvements of h-tec



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