The Key Experts of h-tec today have continuous hands-on experiences of 25 - 35 years in all areas of the Direct Coal Liquefaction and Heavy Oil Upgrading Technology. These experiences go back to the days of the construction of the Kohleoel-Anlage Bottrop ("KAB") in the late 1970’s. At KAB the German Heavy Oil Upgrading and Direct Coal Liquefaction (DCL) Technology was demonstrated again and further developed for almost twenty years.

Later, h-tec Experts held key positions in R&D, engineering, operation, maintenance, process and technology development at VEBA OEL AG (today BP Germany), KAB and Ruhrkohle AG, the second holding company of KAB. After the Shut-down and dismantling of the KAB and the abandonment of all patents in the year 2000, the predecessor company of h-tec heavy oil GmbH and h-tec coal GmbH was found by key experts of KAB to save and further develop the unique KAB process knowledge.

Our participation in various DCL and Heavy Oil Upgrading projects as well as independent assessments proved the high value of our Know-how to the R&D, Engineering and Operating of commercial scale units to lower the risks of the investments.

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